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The name is Christopher Chow a.k.a Chris or "gaygay". I turned 17 this year.

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Relax.. Just Talk
Monday, April 27, 2009 8:13 PM
Another day at school and it really sucks...

Just had my Malay orals for IGCSE and thats just 1/3 of the exam done.

Well, didnt do much in school today, just had chemistry lessons and then the malay orals started.

When my turn came, I seem to be really calm and not nervous at all. Just had some mistakes here and there while being tested. Some of my friends were really nervous and tensed but it seem like nothing to me at all..

Guess thats it... and had maths lessons too.



Everytime you look at me,
Tell me what do you see.
Pain or happiness,
Truth or lies.
Tell me im not on my own,
Tell me I wont be alone.
You're like a shining star,
Simply glittering to gain attention from afar.
Come hold me by the hand,
Bring me to another land.
Its only you and no one else.
If I could wish upon tomorrow,
that the night will never end.
If anyone could make me fall in love,
its you.

This is where it all began,
So tell me it will never end.
Everything that brought me here,
It all now seems so clear,
Baby you're the one that I've been dreaming of.
Bring me to my kness 
and make me cry.
Its you and no one else.
If you ask me what was the best thing that
has ever happened to me,
its you.

~I love you...

New Term, New Me.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 10:29 PM

Im back and a new term has started, just yesterday.

I guess its time to do some updates huh? Oh well...

Where to start...

Last 2 weeks ago was my school mid-term break and my results were'nt very satisfying, and I got grounded. I wanted to go back to school so much! Holidays were boring for me :(

Lets focus on today shall we? 

Ah yes... school started yesterday. Man, it was really hard to wake up that morning since im used to all the late nights and watching Bleach. * My Fav Anime!* :) 
I couldnt even lift my own body up this morning, though I slept pretty early last night at about 11pm and that darn sky outside was pouring down heavily from like what, 3am, I suppose. 

So.. after breakfast. I arrived at the school main entrance, seeing Mrs Guha standing at the entrance welcoming us back to school. Went to class, and I saw Bryan Hung and the Tay bros already at school this morning, then came Ana and Carlson. :D We chatted in class untill the bell rang and thank god there wasnt any assembly cos of the rain. *couldnt get my ass up from the chair* xD

1st period! Bio.. We did some discussion on a topic about Excretion or something, in the kidneys.

Then for add maths, we did this really confusing topic called "Binomial Theorem". It was kinda boring.. no offence, I slept for a lil while towards the end of the period. I couldnt help it, my eyes were about to shut.

And for business... I dropped it! Yay! One subject less to worry about, and now I have more time to study my history. But I went to the IT lab for today :) hehe.

After Lunch, A group of ppl from the Discovery Learning Labs came to our school today to give a demo for the lil ones so to persuade them to join their Science Camps. It was pretty interesting though... especially making that snow out of I Dont Know WHAT... forgot ady. So yeah.... and that took up 80 mins of our ICT periods. 

After that... we returned to class for Malay class. We discussed about the coming Malay IGCSE exam and the trials this coming Friday.

Malay Trials
P1 & P2

Actual IGCSE Malay Exam

Coming Soon...

Lastly, History. I was paying attention today in class. Don't know why... It seems that I had so much interest in History suddenly..

Well.. Thats Bout it..


~I miss you~

To someone special.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:56 PM

Life has been beautiful ever since you entered my life.
The sweet moments we had together and the bad moments as well are unforgetable.

To me, you are always sweet and beautiful, my perfect girlfriend.
You are always there for me whenever I'm down. You never fail to make smile.

I love you, and I will always be by your side to protect you and give you happiness, if not I'll always be in your heart keeping you warm and happy :)

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